Rothberg Logan & Warsco proudly recognizes the significant commitment and contribution of its attorneys and staff to the Firm and to our highly-valued clients. Many have exceeded significant Service Milestones providing highly-competent, long-term service to our clients. At Rothberg, we strongly believe that a positive team culture enhances our ability to attract and retain top professional talent, which directly benefits and deepens our relationships with our clients over time. We are very pleased to acknowledge them here:

40 Years

  • Thomas D. Logan
  • John H. Heiney
  • Milford M. (Tim) Miller
  • Arlene Colone
  • George E. Fruechtenicht
  • Nancy Gerardot
  • Sandra Beauchot
  • Sol Rothberg
  • Michael E. Armey
  • F.L. Dennis Logan

25 Years

  • Mark A. Warsco
  • Sylvia Hyman
  • Cheryl Harber
  • Carol Thomson
  • Mark W. Baeverstad
  • Lisa Palmer
  • Annette Deaton
  • Dennis F. Dykhuizen
  • Beth Shanebrook
  • David R. Smelko
  • Thomas A. Gallmeyer
  • Kath Hood
  • Michael T. Deam
  • Vern E. Sheldon

15 Years

  • Lynn Baker
  • Cindy Wigfield
  • Laura Musser
  • Theodore T. Storer
  • J. Rickard Donovan
  • Debra Killian
  • Cindy Witters
  • Susan E. Trent
  • Betty Beyhan
  • Judy Hershberger
  • Tina Heidenreich
  • Machele Merkling
  • Ann Gomez
  • Cindy Wolfer