Legal Alert Job Applicants and Felony Conviction Inquiries

Authored By THEODORE T. STORER THE CHANGE Effective July 1, 2013, Indiana law prohibits an employer from asking an employee to disclose any criminal convictions that have been expunged by a criminal court. Employers can still conduct criminal background checks.  Employers should only ask applicants about convictions that have not been expunged. The statute suggests that employers ask: “Have you ... Read More

Legal Alert Warning: Indiana is Going Smoke Free

Authored By THEODORE T. STORER The Change Effective July 1, 2012, Indiana law prohibits smoking inside public places and places of employment.  The ban extends to areas within eight (8) feet of an entrance. This Change applies to the entire State, but it is subordinate to any existing city or county ordinances that are more restrictive. Are There Exceptions? Yes, ... Read More