Employment Law – Supporting Your Business Goals

All employers face employment-related matters that must be addressed, no matter the size of the business. From your hiring processes, to vacation policies, to workers compensation, through executive pay, as well as the myriad federal and state regulations you face, managing your employment requirements is a daunting task.

Rothberg Logan & Warsco’s employment attorneys understand the intense pressures that today’s employers face as they pursue their business goals while also trying to recruit and retain satisfied, productive employees.

What Sets Us Apart

Our lawyers are well-versed in the laws concerning compensation, including the Fair Labor Standards Act governing minimum wage and overtime eligibility and the Indiana Wage Claim and Wage Payment Acts.  Further, we assist clients in negotiating employment contracts for highly compensated executives and protecting business assets and opportunities with noncompete agreements and restrictive covenants.

Additionally, many employers have questions about their obligations concerning vacation and paid time off, and whether employees are eligible for sick, illness or injury leave under statutes like the Family Medical Leave Act or worker’s compensation. We often advise employers and employees through the web of issues created by workplace injuries, leave statutes and disability issues.

Sometimes litigation cannot be avoided, even with the best planning and preparation. When a business’ policy decisions are on the line, labor and employment litigation can have high stakes. In those instances, our litigation team works closely with clients to investigate the underlying issues of any claim and how to present that evidence to the appropriate agency or at trial in the best possible way.

Our mission is always to achieve our client’s goals in the most efficient way possible.

We invite you to call us today so that we may learn more about your unique challenges and goals, helping your business to realize its vision for the future.